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Quo Vadis: Commentarius

An Diary of Where We Are Going and Where We Have Been. 

Quo Vadis? Videbis! - Where are you going? You will see!

September 8th 2017

Before Quo Vadis Mobile Optical was officially in business, I was already putting the gears into motion. I had heard about a program that was being offered by the Stratford Perth Centre for Business, where people who were starting small businesses might be eligible for a grant to help their business expand.

I decided to sign up for the program and after it was all said and done I was fortunate to be one of the recipients!

Soon after, The Stratford Beacon Herald asked if they could interview me about Quo Vadis Mobile Optical and the Small Business Grant program.

I was thrilled! I love being an Optician and I was very excited to share my experience in becoming an entrepreneur!

Here is the link to the full article:

What a wonderful way to start a business!

Thank you Stratford Perth Centre for Business and The Stratford Beacon Herald! You guys ROCK!

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#ILoveMyJob Video Contest

November 23, 2017

I really love my job!

I came into the optical industry just after my son was born.  For me this was a second career. Before I went back to school at Georgian College, I was a music teacher. I taught classical piano at a few different music schools in Barrie, On.  It was (and still is) my passion!  Music was my entire life, I ate, breathed and lived music.  I didn't think there was any other career that would give me the same personal fulfilment. 

I was so wrong! 

I didn't expect the personal connection to my patients to be as strong as the connections I had made with my students.

I didn't know that the joy that a student expressed after completing a song would be the same as when a person puts on a new pair of glasses and they can see clearly.

I didn't know that there were so many options for Opticians after graduation!  

I didn't know that you could specialise in scleral contact lenses, or eyeglass frame design, or paediatric and geriatric eyeglass fitting. 

certainly didn't think that I would be able to start my own optical! 

When the Optician's Association of Canada launched their #ILoveMyJob Video Contest, I knew this would be the perfect way to express the joy I feel being an Optician and tell the world why I love my job!
I went to family and friends (and my cat Raoul) taking pictures of their eyes to put into my video. After a few days of working and re-working, I came up with the video that can be seen on the front page of this website.  I submitted the video to the OAC and crossed my fingers!
The video ended up receiving the Grand Prize!  I will be taking a trip to Laval, QC to attend the Optical Summit in May.  
I was ecstatic!  I love going to Optical conferences and expanding my optical knowledge.

The video has now been shared world wide with the help of the International Optician's Association!  


I want to thank the Optician's Association of Canada for selecting my #ILoveMyJob video, my friends and family for helping me make the video, and all of my wonderful mentors who really taught me what it is to BE an Optician!

I am still deeply passionate about music, but I have found that there is enough room in my heart to be passionate about Opticianry as well!

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