Good Vision Starts at Home

Good Vision Starts At Home


Frequently Asked Questions

Quo Vadis Mobile Optical is a fully equipped optical that goes where ever you need it!​

Here are the answers to some of the questions I'm asked!

Q: What is an Optician?

A: An Optician is a highly trained healthcare professional specially trained to supply, make and dispense optical products, such as eyeglasses, contact lenses and low vision aids, through the interpretation of prescriptions.

Q: Do you come into my home and test my eyes?
A: No. You will still need to visit your Optometrist and receive a full eye health assessment.  Your Optometrist is an important part of the whole process! They are the ones who make sure that your eyes are healthy and that you aren't experiencing any major eye health issues.  They are also the people who can provide you with your eyeglass prescription.


Q: Do you only go to people's homes?

A: I can take my optical where ever it is needed.  I can come to your home, business, retirement home, community centre, or care facility. Where ever you are, so am I!

Q: Can I order glasses online through your website?

A: In Ontario it is illegal to sell glasses online through a website.  Eyeglasses and contact lenses are considered to be medical devices. Only Licensed Opticians, Optometrists and Ophthalmologists are trained to dispense eyeglasses and it must be dispensed in person.  For more in depth information about "Internet Eyewear" visit the College of Opticians website. 


Q: I've never heard of a mobile optical, how does that work?
A: It is a very simple and easy process.  After you have had your eyes tested by an Optometrist, you can phone to set up an appointment with Quo Vadis Mobile Optical.  I would bring my optical to the location of your choice and then you get to look through our frames.  After you've chosen the frames that you love I then take all of your measurements. I then take them to the lab right here in Stratford to be made.  Once they are finished I would come back to you to dispense, adjust and make sure you are completely happy!

Q: How long is the whole process from start to finish?

A: You can expect to have two appointments with me.  The first appointment usually takes one hour.  You would be choosing your frames and having measurements taken.

There is a one to two week waiting period while your lenses are being made and placed in your frame.

The second appointment usually take 30 minutes. This is when I dispense and adjust your new pair of glasses.

Q: I already have frames that I love but I have a new prescription.  Can I just change the lenses?

A: Absolutely!  As long as your frames are still in good condition we can change the lenses in your existing frames!

Q: How much do your glasses cost?

A: There's a lot to consider when creating a pair of glasses specifically for you!  Our frames start at $125 for adults.

The lenses are priced according to your prescription.  Single vision lenses start at $175 with Anti reflection and scratch resistance coatings. Progressive lenses start at $300 and that also includes Anti Reflection and scratch resistance coatings. 

We offer a children's package as well.  2 pairs of glasses with polycarbonate lenses, Anti Reflection and scratch resistance coatings for $300.

For a more detailed quote phone or email us!  

Q: Is there a warranty on your glasses?

A: YES!  There is a 2 year warranty on your new frames that includes accidental breakage! The lenses also have a 1 year defect warranty in case of a coating or breakage issue.

Q: What about adjustments, new nose pads and repairs? How does that work?

A: If you need an adjustment, call me and I'll come back to you!  Every pair that we sell has a lifetime adjustment warranty at no extra charge.  I want you to be happy with your glasses for as long as you are wearing them!  

Q: Do you offer one hour service?
A: I am able to do rush service, usually next day.  It depends on your prescription. It is usually available for single vision lenses.

Q: What does "Quo Vadis" mean?

A: "Quo Vadis" is Latin for "Where are you going?".  I felt it was a perfect name for an optical that is always on the move.  So, "Where am I going?"  I'm going to you!

If you have any questions that weren't answered here, feel free to call and ask! (519) 276-2098

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